• How to use refrigeration equipment correctly?
    • March 01, 2021

    Refrigerators are more popular refrigeration equipment. When the freezer is used, the freezer needs to be maintained. Therefore, we must pay attention to some matters and master some skills in our daily use, not only to ensure the service life of the freezer, but also to our pursuit of food freshness and delicious food. Here we will share what should be paid attention to when using the freezer. We...

  • Quick-frozen food
    • June 15, 2020

    Quick-frozen food means that the food's central temperature quickly drops below the maximum ice crystal zone temperature (below -7 degrees) within 20 minutes at -30 degrees, forming fine ice crystals. Frozen food is frozen food slowly, forming large ice crystals. Refrigerated food refers to food stored at 0-4 degrees. In today's society, the speed of food production is always difficult to keep up ...

  • Dry aged beef
    • June 15, 2020

    What is maturity? Why mature? The concept of ripening originates from abroad. In the early years, after the residents of the United States and Canada caught bison, they put the meat pieces in the natural environment and dried them after eating. The local climate is very dry and cold. What's more, the taste is better, and the dry aged technology is found to survive. Beef aged ingredients dry aged a...

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