Dry aged beef

  • 2020-06-15 11:10:32

What is maturity? Why mature? The concept of ripening originates from abroad. In the early years, after the residents of the United States and Canada caught bison, they put the meat pieces in the natural environment and dried them after eating. The local climate is very dry and cold. What's more, the taste is better, and the dry aged technology is found to survive.

Dry aged beef

Beef aged ingredients dry aged and wet aged

Wet ripening refers to putting beef in a vacuum-packed state in a refrigerator at about zero degrees. The meat will not be oxidized and dehydrated. During this process, bacteria will not breed and will not air dry.

Wet aged beef

Dry aged is to put the meat in the dry aged cabinet, at a constant temperature (-1.5 ° -4 ° is a suitable temperature), humidity (60% -85%) and ventilation conditions, in the sterilization and acid discharge China Beef itself is a process of gradually improving quality in the passage of time (the longer the time, the more flavorful).

dry age meat display freezer

Dry aged beef has beef flavor and barbecue flavor, and wet aged beef has blood flavor, sour flavor and metallic flavor.

Some sensory evaluations conducted by ordinary European and American consumers will consider that the taste of dry aged and wet aged beef is not much different. Some studies believe that this result may be due to the average consumer's preference for the taste of wet aged beef.

Although dry aged beef loses a lot of water during the aging process, in the sensory evaluation, dry cooked beef is more likely to give a juicy taste than wet aged beef. One of the reasons may be that after the dry cooked beef loses a lot of water, the proportion of fat has increased, and the juicy mouthfeel comes partly from the heated fat.

The dry aged steak cabinet developed and produced by Guangzhou Huayu Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is to create a specific environmental temperature, humidity and ventilation conditions required for beef cooked, perfectly restore the natural cooked environment and let the natural taste infiltrate the taste buds of the diners.

Beef maturation cabinet

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