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  • 2020-06-15 11:12:19

Quick-frozen food means that the food's central temperature quickly drops below the maximum ice crystal zone temperature (below -7 degrees) within 20 minutes at -30 degrees, forming fine ice crystals. Frozen food is frozen food slowly, forming large ice crystals. Refrigerated food refers to food stored at 0-4 degrees.

Quick Freezing Machine

In today's society, the speed of food production is always difficult to keep up with human demand for food, which requires us to find a better way to store food. From the former cellar, to the use of ice refrigeration, to the use of fresh storage cabinets, freezer cabinets, and then to quick freeze cabinets and so on.

Quick Freezing Machine

Many people think that frozen food will breed a lot of bacteria because of the long freezing time, and it will cause some harm to the human body after eating. Therefore,using a quick freezing machine to condense food in a short time can make the center temperature reach -18 degrees to condense into crystals, thereby reducing the growth of bacteria and maintaining the freshness of food.

Quick freezer

Actually not all frozen foods are quick frozen foods. Quick-frozen food refers to products that quickly complete the crystallization process in a freezing environment below minus 30 degrees. Quick-frozen foods freeze quickly and thoroughly, and do not require food additives such as preservatives. They are no different from the foods we usually eat, only safer. The nutritional value is not much different. Moreover, the nutritional composition of quick-frozen food will not change much, and even in some cases, the nutrition preservation rate in frozen vegetables and fruits is higher.

Of course, for those who demand extreme taste, quick-frozen food does have its drawbacks. For example, cucumber is not fresh and crispy, and the buns are not as fluffy and soft as fresh. But like during the epidemic this year, quick-frozen food is already the most delicious food.

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