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The Chinese New Year holiday is coming soon, and the factory has to work overtime to catch up with the goods, and rush to send logistics to complete the holiday. After almost a month of production, it can finally be loaded and shipped! These cabinets were delivered by a special car from a customer in Zhejiang, and they were still loading at night. After loading the car, wait for the driver to fix the cabinet to prevent it from shaking, cover the tarp and prepare to set off. After installing this car cabinet, continue to refuel tomorrow!

China Factory direct Enhanced 12 mold popsicle ice cream making machine

 Customized low temperature 12 mold popsicle machine to increase the configuration of the refrigeration system, thicken the insulation layer, reduce the temperature in the cabinet, speed up the production time of popsicles, and the taste of popsicles is better.

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Product Detail

Popsicle Ice Cream Machine

Customized low temperature 12 mold popsicle machine uses a salt water tank mode. The mold containing the popsicle liquid is put into the box containing the propylene glycol frozen liquid and pre-cooled in the machine, and the cover is closed; it can be made after about 25  minutes A frozen popsicle is out. It is an easy-to-learn popsicle making machine.

Generally, the lower the temperature of the stainless steel ice machine, the shorter the production time of the popsicle, and the better the taste. However, it is not as low as possible. The freezing liquid has a certain freezing point. If the temperature is too low and the freezing liquid in the tank freezes, the temperature of the machine will not drop. Therefore, the machine can work better at a suitable temperature and make a popsicle with a better exit.

Product features:

1. Using famous brand compressors, thickened pure copper pipes and unique refrigeration system design, the refrigeration speed is twice that of ordinary machines, and the performance is stable;
2. The whole body is made of  stainless steel which is healthy and hygienic;
3. The high strength design and thickened plate make the machine particularly strong, even if it is severely impacted or dumped, it will not affect its normal use;
4. The use of a special motor to promote the heat exchange of the refrigerant breaks through the problems of slow cooling of traditional water pumps and short life of ordinary motors at low temperatures;
5. This machine can be used for multiple purposes and can produce different flavors of ice, popsicles, ice bricks;
6. The machine is equipped with a lock universal wheel, which is easy to move and safe to park.
7. A variety of self-protection devices, safe and humanized design;
8, microcomputer temperature control, automatically stops when the set temperature is reached, automatically starts below the set temperature, energy saving.

Popsicle making machine
Model: MK480 / 12A
Size (L x D x H) (mm): 4000 * 700 * 1250
Within Temperature (℃): -30 ~ -25
Rated voltage: 380V / 5N/50Hz
Total Power (W): 7800
Features Remarks: Brine cycle refrigeration

Product image:

 popsicle ice cream making machineice cream machinestainless seel ice cream makerpopsicle ice cream

Popsicle ice cream mould

Warm reminder:

the difference between the mixed solution composed of calcium chloride and our factory's pure frozen liquid and water mixture hook:
1) Calcium chloride is highly corrosive and damages the machine, especially the copper pipes in the machine, but the freezing liquid in our factory is non-corrosive.
2) There is a strange smell after calcium chloride is mixed with water, our frozen liquid does not.
3) After the mixed solution of calcium chloride and water is mixed, after the machine is stopped, the calcium chloride precipitates to the bottom of the machine box and agglomerates. After the machine is turned on again, it will affect the cooling effect, and our freezing liquid is sufficient with water. Diluted. Calcium Chloride is used by foreign users who cannot find our frozen solution)

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