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Customized double temperature two glass door red wine and tea display refrigerator

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Zhejiang's goods are finally loaded and shipped Zhejiang's goods are finally loaded and shipped

The Chinese New Year holiday is coming soon, and the factory has to work overtime to catch up with the goods, and rush to send logistics to complete the holiday. After almost a month of production, it can finally be loaded and shipped! These cabinets were delivered by a special car from a customer in Zhejiang, and they were still loading at night. After loading the car, wait for the driver to fix the cabinet to prevent it from shaking, cover the tarp and prepare to set off. After installing this car cabinet, continue to refuel tomorrow!

Customized double temperature two glass door red wine and tea display refrigerator

The  dual-temperature display cabinet separates the fresh-keeping space of different foods to avoid odors, and different environmental conditions can be designed according to different product storage requirements.

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Product Detail

Dual temperature display freezer

The dual-temperature display cabinet is designed to store products with different temperature requirements in one machine. The spaced insulation layer can also effectively prevent the odor when placing different foods and ensure the original taste of the food. Different products sometimes have different storage requirements. We can design better storage environmental conditions to achieve better results.

Product features:

Dimenstion: 1500*700*2300mm

1. Two sets of imported SECOP compressors and pure copper tube refrigeration system are adopted, which is energy-saving and stable.

2. Designed as a dual-unit dual-temperature cabinet, air-cooled refrigeration mode, each door is a separate refrigeration system; the left side is a wine and beverage display freezer with a design temperature of 12~18℃; the right side is a tea display cabinet with a design temperature- 5~5℃, mute design, reduce sound volume.

3. It is made of stainless steel, the inner is 8K mirror stainless steel, the outer is rose gold brushed stainless steel; the unit is placed on the top, the box and the shutter are assembled, and the two are assembled into one.

4. The cabinet is equipped with stainless steel round tube wine rack and adjustable stainless steel mirror punching display rack, and the light is LED waterproof warm light tube.

5. The lower part of the machine is adjustable casters.

6. The front of the cabinet is a tempered glass door with heating, with concealed lock and hidden handle.

Product image

Customized wine and tea display freezerDual temperature display cabinetwine and beer fridge cabinet

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