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Customized single door rose gold seafood and beef display freezer

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Zhejiang's goods are finally loaded and shipped Zhejiang's goods are finally loaded and shipped

The Chinese New Year holiday is coming soon, and the factory has to work overtime to catch up with the goods, and rush to send logistics to complete the holiday. After almost a month of production, it can finally be loaded and shipped! These cabinets were delivered by a special car from a customer in Zhejiang, and they were still loading at night. After loading the car, wait for the driver to fix the cabinet to prevent it from shaking, cover the tarp and prepare to set off. After installing this car cabinet, continue to refuel tomorrow!

Customized single door rose gold seafood and beef display freezer

The design of the refrigerated display cabinet is to better preserve and display the food, and the customized LOGO makes people remember your product brand more.

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    bing you
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    Stainless steel color、black 、white 、gold.
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    Huangpu Guangzhou
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Product Detail

Custom glass display freezer
Dimensions(mm): 700*750*2200mm
1. Using SECOP compressor, voltage: 220V750HZ.
2. Using microcomputer control, the temperature in the cabinet is clear at a glance.
3. This machine adopts air-cooled refrigeration method, the temperature in the cabinet is more uniform: the design temperature is adjustable from -10~8℃.
4. The machine is made of sand surface stainless steel, and the outside is made of rose gold stainless steel. The cabinet is designed as an adjustable 5-layer stainless steel shelf. Customers can adjust according to their own needs. The front is a rose gold stainless steel glass door and LED waterproof warm light tubes are used. .
5. The top of the front of the machine is marked with a special LOGO according to customer requirements, and the bottom of the machine is a movable wheel.
6. This machine can keep seafood, meat and other foods fresh, and the defogging glass door design has more display effect, so that customers can better choose what they want.
7. Our company can produce the desired machine according to the specific requirements of customers, welcome to consult.

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single glass door beef freezer

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