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The export of customized wine display refrigerators has been delivered.

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Zhejiang's goods are finally loaded and shipped Zhejiang's goods are finally loaded and shipped

The Chinese New Year holiday is coming soon, and the factory has to work overtime to catch up with the goods, and rush to send logistics to complete the holiday. After almost a month of production, it can finally be loaded and shipped! These cabinets were delivered by a special car from a customer in Zhejiang, and they were still loading at night. After loading the car, wait for the driver to fix the cabinet to prevent it from shaking, cover the tarp and prepare to set off. After installing this car cabinet, continue to refuel tomorrow!

The export of customized wine display refrigerators has been delivered.

  • December 25, 2020

Wine cabinets are also one of the widely used refrigeration equipment. Relatively speaking, the best storage temperature for wine is between 8~16℃; professional wine cabinets have professional precision compressors and temperature controllers, which are accurate and precise in temperature control. Stability is better.

glass dorr wine cabinets

The wine display freezer customized by our factory is made of imported compressors and high-quality materials, and is controlled by microcomputer temperature. The temperature is adjustable within the design range. The demister glass door can better display the contents in the cabinet.

air-cooled wine display freezer

Bingyou Freezer is a professional manufacturer of refrigeration equipment, which can customize various refrigeration equipment according to the requirements of different customers.

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